Andorra Park HotelAndorra Park Hotel

La Pèrgola

Located in the middle of the garden, the Park Hotel's Pèrgola is perfect for an informal meal.

A bistro in the Park Hotel garden near the pool, consisting of a covered area with sliding doors that can be opened or closed depending on the weather, allowing the subtle, delightful scent of trees and plants to waft through. The menu is simple but tasty: salads, rice and noodle dishes, desserts, wines, a range of waters and so on. Open for lunch and dinner, and during the summer at any time you feel like eating...

ÉS Andorra

An exceptional dining experience that reinterprets and updates Andorran and Mediterranean recipes.

The team - led by chef Marc Mora - work hard each and every day to create dishes that use fresh, seasonal, local and, where possible, organic ingredients (many herbs and spices come from the hotel's own garden). Add to this the special attention paid to desserts and a wine list that has over 300 excellent options. The restaurant has an elegant room overlooking the garden. It also has private event room.

Library Bar

Freshly-made sharing plates and sandwiches, cocktails and a wide selection of spirits.

Whilst chatting away at the bar, it's easy to build an appetite. If so, you have different options. What we recommend is a light meal: sharing plates, sandwiches, snacks... all made with the utmost zeal by our team using the highest quality produce. For complete satisfaction, enjoy a local beer, glass of wine or cocktail with your bite to eat.

Racó del Park

A focus on fresh, seasonal produce - whenever possible from our own garden.

This restaurant serves hotel guests and uses local produce that is organically grown whenever possible. The menu has a strong focus on Mediterranean and Andorran dishes that are coupled with chef Marc Mora's personal touch. The restaurant has plenty of natural light and offers a terrace service.

Address Les Canals, 24
Andorra la Vella - Andorra
Phone +376 877777